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Quebec man who worshipped Polytechnique shooter called himself 'feminist slayer': Crown


A Quebec man on trial for alleged misogynist hate speech became so obsessed with the Montreal Polytechnique shooter that he urged followers to burn down universities, a jury heard Tuesday.

Jean-Claude Rochefort’s anti-feminist blog glorified Polytechnique shooter Marc Lepine, who shot and killed 14 women in the 1989 incident before turning the gun on himself. Rochefort re-christened him "Saint Marc."

The prosecution in Rochefort's trial alleges that his blog spread hate and threats of violence against women on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Polytechnique School Shooting, in 2019.

Three decades earlier, on December 6, 1989, Lepine had specifically targeted women.

Rochefort, who holds a PhD in philosophy, wrote at length about the massacre and worshipping Lepine, while also attacking women and feminists in general.

But the court heard that the blogger became increasingly threatening in the fall of 2019.

His blog featured a countdown to the anniversary date with images of assault weapons in the background.

Several segments from the blog were shown in court, including deeply hateful messages with a variety of titles: "Profession: feminist slayer," read one.

"Marc Lepine is an incel lord," said another, referencing a movement of men who blame their own celibacy on women.

"For serious school shootings, you need the right tools," said another blog post. And "Marc Lepine deserves a PhD from the Polytechnique."

Another seemed even more specific: "Preparing for December 6th, International Marc Lepine Day, with displays of weapons."

A professor of women’s studies at the Universite du Quebec à Montreal eventually notified police.

By then, the Crown alleges, Rochefort was urging his followers to burn down universities, along with making other threats of violence against women.

Rochefort was originally suppose to have a jury trial. But on the day of jury selection, he arrived so late, and his excuse was so poor, that the judge ruled he forfeited his right to a jury trial. He’s now being judged by the judge alone.

The trial is expected to wrap up this week after Rochefort takes the stand this Friday. Top Stories

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