MONTREAL—The Quebec government has launched an ad campaign to fight homophobia. The ads may shock some with candid displays of affection, the goal of which is to encourage debate about sexual diversity.

The government recently conducted a phone survey of 800 Quebecers where 90 per cent said they had no issue with homosexuality. However, the survey found some 40 per cent of the province still feels uncomfortable when two men or two women are affectionate in public.

According to Bertrand St-Arnaud, the campaign may be shocking to some, but according to the minister responsible for the fight against homophobia, that's the point.

“We want the population to reflect on this social problem,” said St-Arnaud, Quebec’s justice minister.

The problem has improved over the years but is still far from erased. Mona Greenbaum is a gay rights activist, she says there is still work to be done before the gay community is completely socially accepted.

“For a gay couple to kiss in public is still something that isn't banal. People still have a bit of prejudice in Quebec. When it comes to gay parents or a gay person of colour, there is still some reticence,” said Greenbaum, speaking for the LGBT Family Coalition.

A second phase of the campaign will be launched next year, it'll be expanded to include other issues regarding homophobia.