The Quebec government is investing $11 million into services and housing for the homeless.

The announcement was made on Tuesday morning by Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois.

The money will be drawn from two existing programs and will fund 225 affordable housing units across the province, as well as provide for health care and social services.

Montreal will receive $550,000 for the 2017-18 fiscal year and $1.3 million of that money over the next three years. 

Charlebois said the goal is to 2,000 people off the streets by 2020. 

"We've got to help them because on the streets, they don't have the same needs as when you have a home. It's not just about a roof and a hot temperature, it's about having a life and we're helping them to get back their competence," she said. 

Homeless advocacy group RAPSIM president Pierre Gaudreau said the announcement didn't come as a surprise.

"They're not new announcements, most of it was announced in the budget of March 2017. Now, what we have to figure out is how much money we'll receive in Montreal over the next four years," he said. "There is some good news."

A spokesperson for the Old Brewery Mission said there are concerns about existing programs and whether funding for them will continue.