Thousands lined a downtown street Sunday for the annual Gay Pride Parade, which saw people and politicians of all stripes celebrate the city’s LGBT population.

Organizers estimated that 250,000 took part as over 100 floats rolled down the three kilometre route on Rene Levesque between Guy and Sanguinet.

“It's all about walking to show the rest of the world that a right is a right and Montreal is open,” said Mayor Denis Coderre, who spoke before the event and participated in it.

Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was also prominent in the crowd, speaking out for the cause of understanding, tolerance and appreciating those who don’t always fit the standard mold.

“Pushing against bullying as well, there's still far too much, whether it's in our schools or increasingly in our seniors homes,” said Trudeau.

Some noted that they felt it important to stress their opposition to foreign regimes that ban or outlaw homosexuality, such as in Russia.

One Olympian said that the Russian ban was what mobilized him to be more active.

“It was actually one of the largest reasons as to why I came out. It's because how safe I felt in that Canadian group of athletes,” said Canadian Olympic Luger John Fennell.