Francois Legault was one of the losers in the federal election on Monday, according to political analyst and former politician David Heurtel.

Quebec's premier said on Tuesday that the Bloc's resurgence in Quebec was a clear message to Justin Trudeau, and Ottawa, that the province's laws - particularly Bill 21 - must be respected. 

But Heurtel saw a different picture. The Bloc may have boosted its influence in Quebec, but the Liberals and the NDP - two parties who are against Bill 21 - won significantly more votes in Quebec. 

"When you look at the results, actually the Liberals got the most of the popular vote in Quebec," he said. "For Francois Legault who's been saying that there's always a majority of Quebecers supporting Bill 21, but when you look at the results, a majority of Quebecers voted for political parties that are against Bill 21."

The Liberals will align with the NDP to govern on most issues, the analyst predicted. As such, the government could rule for longer than expected, he added. 

"This could be longer than people think," he said. "A lot of these parties don't have any more money [for an election]."

The Conservative party, meanwhile, will review its leadership; Andrew Scheer may not be at the helm for long, Heurtel said. 

"He has a strong social conservative base, but you saw the issues regarding abortion, same-sex marriage; the Conservatives could not push through in Quebec."