The Parti Quebecois is hoping to attract more diversity to its membership.

The party claims it has moved on from the divisiveness of its proposed charter of values. Instead, it’s hoping to attract a broad range of Quebecers including voters who traditionally vote for the Liberals.

It’s a big challenge for the party under new leader Jean-Francois Lisée. The PQ says it’s getting more interest from people of colour, especially young people who support an independent and religiously neutral Quebec.

“There's diverse views on health, on education, on social democracy, on religious issues and others,” Lisée said. “There are people there who agree with us.”

The party says its recent proposals should reassure Quebecers it wants to prevent discrimination.

Lisée said his promise not to hold a referendum in a first mandate should reassure voters that a PQ government will concentrate on good government, if it wins the next election.

“There won’t be a complete turnaround,” Lisée said. “We have to start somewhere and I’m very optimistic. We’re asking people, just take a second look.”