MONTREAL -- There is still more than a month of campaigning left before Montrealers go to the polls in the municipal election.

Despite their differences, the candidates vying for the title of Montreal mayor do seem to agree on one thing: parity and diversity play an important role in forming a government that is representative of the city and its constituents.

Projet Montréal is presenting 103 candidates ahead of the Nov. 7 municipal election.

The party states it has 61 women (59 per cent) and 42 men (41 per cent) candidates.

In addition, Projet Montréal says it has 47 candidates (46 per cent) of "diversity."

"This team, equal and diverse, is not only a representation of the Montreal population, but is anchored in its daily life and its neighbourhoods to offer the city what it needs to develop fully," Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante said.

Denis Coderre's party, Ensemble Montréal, boasts that 48 per cent of its candidates come from diverse backgrounds, including people from visible minorities and the LGBTQ+ community.

Ensemble Montréal has 38 women (45 per cent) and 46 men (55 per cent) that make up its 84 candidates.

"It is imperative for the party to represent all Montrealers," confirmed spokesperson Elizabeth Lemay.

Of the 36 candidates running with Balarama Holness's party, Mouvement Montréal, 16 are women (44 per cent) and 20 are men (56 per cent).

In addition, the party says there are 23 people of colour (64 per cent) running for office.

"Diversity and inclusion come naturally to us at Mouvement Montréal," the party said. "We have the most qualified, diverse and inclusive team in the 2021 municipal elections."

Mayoral candidate Marc-Antoine Desjardins's party, Ralliement pour Montréal, states after consulting with its team, it can confirm of the 24 candidates, 14 people (58 per cent) are "ethnically diverse," with nine who identify as female (38 per cent).

"These criteria did not play a role in the selection of our candidates," said Anne-Julie Labrecque, political attaché for Desjardins. "We do not wish to assume the gender or ethnicity of our team. We select our team by prioritizing their skills." 

The Montreal municipal election is slated for Nov. 7.