Members of a synagogue in Outremont are accusing a man who lives in their neighbourhood of harassment, because he's been taking pictures of some Hassidic Jews for years and posting them to his blog.

Should a restraining order be approved against blogger Pierre Lacerte, he said he won't sign it, even if it means jail time, because he is defending his right to free speech and is providing a community service.

Among other issues, the blog, Accommodements Outremont, draws inspiration from an unmarked, inconspicuous synagogue in an apartment on Hutchison St. Lacerte said causes disturbances to the neighbourhood, including an endless flow of traffic.

"Delivery trucks come during the day, at night, and even at 2 o'clock in the morning," he said.

Lacerte said he has taken pictures of infractions such as double parking, and what he says is illegal construction work around the synagogue.

"That's a residential area and they have the right to be there, but it doesn't allow them to do whatever they want," he said.

Prominent among the shots is Michael Rosenberg, a well-known member of the Hassidic Jewish community, and his son, Martin, president of the synagogue and Alex Werzberger, another respected member of the community.

They allege the blog makes libellous allegations, suggesting the men are dishonest and not law-abiding.

"He has a passion to go after my family myself and precisely the Jewish community," said the elder Rosenberg, who launched a civil suit in 2007 against Lacerte, claiming his posts are anti-Semitic.

Lacerte, who says his blog receives 150 views per day, denies the blog is motivated by any anti-religious sentiment.

"They could have been Church of Scientology or a McDonald's, I would have disagreed, because it's residential zoning. If they think they're above the law there's something wrong," he argued.