The merger between two of Quebec’s smaller political parties will face its final test on Sunday.

Last weekend, during its convention in Longueuil, members of Quebec Solidaire voted overwhelmingly in favour of joining with Option Nationale. Quebec Solidaire’s three MNAS – Manon Masse, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Amir Khadir – warmly welcomed the result.

Option Nationale holds no seats in the National Assembly.

According to the agreement-in-principle between the two parties, Option Nationale would retain a “collective” status within QS, though that would not confer any particular power upon them.

However, five proposals from the ON platform would be submitted to QS members to be considered part of the party’s platform heading into the 2018 elections.

Option Nationale leader Sol Zanetti said he can’t predict the outcome of the vote, saying there has been some reluctance. “But there’s also a lot of enthusiasm,” he added.