People who bought tickets to the annual Gala des Etoiles are wondering if they will ever get their money back.


Robert and Hanny Caine had seen the show multiple times.


"You had dancers from all over the world and this was an opportunity to see them. It was a variety of different styles, not just classical ballet," said Robert.


Because they were regulars they were offered the chance to buy their tickets a year in advance.


"It was an incentive for your seating position," said Robert.


The cheque for $500 was quickly cashed, except the couple never received their tickets.


"Normally they would send the tickets months in advance," said Hanny.


They became worried after reading a newspaper article about the death of Victor Melnikoff, the creator and producer of the show.


"I would like to see the $500 come back because I could use it for something else," said Robert.






Vincent Prager knew Melnikoff and was an occasional host for after parties.


He said the show started as a benefit dinner for dancers.


"Within the ballet world it was really a very major event every year," said Prager.


Financial problems

According to Prager, Melnikoff had financial problems.


"He became a one-man show and then he ran into financial problems not only the economic situation deteriorated, but he didn't know how to deal with people and to get money for the program.




The lawyers handling Melnikoff's estate declined interviews, but CTV News did learn that Melnikoff's son renounced his inheritance.


Notary David Dolan said that is usually a sign the estate has very few assets.


"If there's nothing, nothing, nothing in the estate -- we have just enough money to pay for the funeral and that's it -- it's too bad but there won't be anyone to claim to," said Dolan.


Which means fans who already bought tickets are unlikely to ever get their money back.


"I'm disappointed, very disappointed," said Hanny Caine.


"It's more than the money, I'm just disappointed the show's not on."






Prager has heard some talk about another group interested in taking over the show, but there is little chance that tickets for this year's show will be honoured.