MONTREAL - Political analyst Bill Hicks considers the possible end of the student tuition disruptions to be less important to Premier Charest than the state of the economy.

He noted that Charest was not present in Quebec City for the most recent negotiations and believes that that was by design.

"The problem is that they don't have a firm deal, the students are painting it as an offer and are going to put it to their members, the government is calling it an agreement in principle. If the Premier was too closely associated, that could backfire," said Hicks.

Hicks believes that as a result of several instances of violence the students were under pressure to settle, possibly more than the government.

"I think the students have been pressured by the unions, who have been financially backing them and otherwise, into an agreement."

Hicks believes that Jean Charest's chances of an upcoming re-election won't be dictated by the student conflict as much as economic factors.

"People vote on the economy," he said. "Charest is hoping the economy is solid enough."

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