Montreal's newest attraction is set to open to the public in the next few weeks.

Construction of the giant Ferris wheel -- 60 metres high -- finished about a month ago, but it will not open to the public until several buildings at its base are fully built.

Jeff Jorgensen, president of La Grande Roue de Montreal that construction was delayed because of foul weather.

"We would have liked to be open in July... and the reinforcing steel people on the site, they don't work when it's wet," said Jorgensen.

Weather that's tolerable at ground level can quickly become dangerous when working on a tall and exposed structure.

"It's cost us a few weeks in the timeline but we think it's a good investment to make sure everything is safe, and when we open everyone can have a smile on their face," said Jorgensen.

The Ferris wheel is located on Ile Bonsecours in the Old Port, and is privately owned and operated.