MONTREAL -- Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace, the most populous borough in the city of Montreal, announced Thursday it is creating "public health corridors" along three of its busiest commercial stretches.

The corridors will allow pedestrians more room to navigate these stretches, which have recently been the site of lineups outside of many essential businesses located there.

The borough said bollards will be set up 2.5 metres from the sidewalks; the area between the bollards and sidewalks will be reserved for pedestrians, allowing them to stay the recommended two metres away from any lineups formed outside of businesses.

The three corridors will be set up on the following stretches:

  • Monkland Ave., between Girouard Ave. and Draper Ave.
  • Cote-des-Neiges Rd. between Jean-Brillant St. and Queen-Mary Rd.
  • Queen-Mary Rd., between Westbury Ave. and Clanranald Ave.

"To make it easier to maintain social distancing despite line-ups near certain businesses, these corridors will allow passers-by to stay 2 metres away from customers of essential businesses who are waiting in line," the borough said in a statement.

Setting up the corridors will temporarily eliminate some parking spaces, as well as require the displacement of some STM bus stops; the borough said it is coordinating with the SMT to mitigate disruptions to bus service.

The corridors will be set up gradually beginning Friday (April 17), the borough said.