Montreal police say they arrested eight people during an anti-capitalist protest Friday night.

The protest was deemed illegal from the start because organizers did not provide a route beforehand. Within minutes of gathering at Place Emilie Gamelin, the protest spun out of control.

The protest starting at the park on Berri St. and made its way east. Police and protesters exchanged rounds of fireworks and tear gas. Many of the protesters wore scarves and had sticks and rocks.

Police corralled them into zones blocked off with police cars as the marchers zigzagged through the street.

Protesters chanted that they were at war with capitalism and some were carrying red communist flags.

Two protesters were treated for minor injuries and police said at least one of their cruisers had its windshield broken.

Police arrested eight people for armed assault, uttering death threats, intimidation and interfering with police operations. Two others were issued tickets.