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Montreal man facing homelessness hoping to turn life around in 2024


It was a challenging year for Raymond Morley. Since June, he has been bouncing around homeless shelters as he looks for a place to call home.

"It's difficult to sleep on the street because it's cold," Morley said. "It's difficult to sleep on the street because there's always ups and downs."

Morley came to Canada from the Bahamas four years ago as an asylum seeker.

In that time, he's spent about a year living on the street.

"I don't like the idea of sleeping in the streets, so I'm reaching out to different organizations like Welcome Hall just because being on the streets is difficult for me," Morley said. "I'm thinking about the cold nights ahead. It's good weather now, but January and February are really pressing for me." 

Nevertheless, he says he's met many people willing to help, including the Welcome Hall Mission, but says he wants permanent housing.

"Emergency housing or emergency shelter should always be a pit stop on the way back to something permanent," said Welcome Hall CEO Sam Watts.

Morley is currently going to school to learn French and study construction in the hopes of finding a stable job and a home in 2024. Top Stories

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