Saturday marked the end of a historic summit in Montreal, convening 15 countries where a female heads foreign relations.

The goal was to find answers to questions on international security and gender imbalances in the world.

A major theme of the conference was helping elevate women to the upper ranks of politics.

 “Many women in power, we’re not afraid of using this word, taking responsibility for decision making,” said Federica Mogherini of the European Union.

There was also the creation of a new role, Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security. Its goal is to create national policies related to empowering women.

“The new ambassadorial position I announced today is just one step in our ongoing effort to put some meat on the bones of this feminist foreign policy,” said Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.

The diplomats are already facing calls to use their power to intervene in the Rohingya Crisis.

Over 725,000 Rohingya Muslims are in refugee camps after fleeing violence in Myanmar.

Although it was discussed at the meeting, no concrete measures were taken.

“We’ve discussed issues that are on our tables every single day as foreign ministers for Syria to Ukraine to Nicaragua,” said said Mogherini

The ministers are planning to meet again in 2019 and are hoping for it to become an annual event.