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Montreal editor heading to the Oscars for her work on Attica


Quebec often has talent represented at the Oscars and this year is no exception.

In addition to director Denis Villeneuve (Dune) and producer Roger Frappier (The Power of the Dog), a Concordia film school graduate is on her way there as co-editor for the Academy Award-nominated documentary "Attica."

The film is a gritty look back at the 1971 inmate takeover of the upstate New York prison, where they demanded more humane living conditions.

Jaclyn Lee was co-editor on the hard-hitting documentary that combines archival footage and new video.

Attica was nominated in the "Best Documentary Feature" category and this weekend the whole team is going to the Oscars.

"I’m a little nervous, a little excited," said Lee.

"We always knew she was destined for greatness, but she's very humble, [and] wasn't looking for accolades," said her sister, Leisa Lee. "She's a 'get it done' kind of gal."

When asked about her Concordia days, Jaclyn said, "I think anyone who goes to film school or film studies hopes something like this is in their future."

The lead editor on Attica is Aljernon Tunsil.

His new project is the documentary series by Spike Lee about Colin Kapernick’s life story.

Tunsil asked Jaclyn Lee to join in on this job, too. Her sister Leisa said it's a badge of honour to be asked to participate on multiple projects.

"As a craftsperson, you can't ask for more than having people who are asking for you because that really means you've arrived," she said. "Because people want you on their films, you're their first choice."  

The Oscars will be aired on CTV on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET. Top Stories

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