MONTREAL -- A number of Montreal-area cemeteries are placing restrictions on who can enter and when as the COVID-19 lockdown continues.

In a post on their website dated April 2, the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery stated that although cemeteries are considered an essential service by the Quebec government, they must also act in compliance with the province's ban on gatherings.

“The cemetery will thus continue to receive the remains of the deceased and to provide cremation and burial services in crypts or plots, in accordance with its obligations, while respecting public health requirements,” they said.

Access to the cemetery site will only be granted by appointments, which will only be given to families affected by a death or impending death who need to make funeral arrangements. A maximum of two family members will be allowed to enter the office simultaneously to sign documents.

For burials, only immediate members of the deceased's family will be permitted to attend, with a limit of 10 people. Physical distancing measures will still apply as attendees must maintain a distance of two meters between themselves.

The cemetery will be totally off-limits to visitors or people who wish to walk among the grounds.

The cemetery management also said the grounds will be totally closed on Sundays.

The Mount Royal Cemetery will also only be accessible by appointment. Those wishing to make arrangements can call 514-279-7538. Meetings to arrange funerals will be limited to two individuals, along with the funeral director. A maximum of 10 people will be permitted to attend funerals.