A West Island man has been found after he went missing from the Lakeshore General Hospital Monday.

Craig Davis, 37, walked out of the hospital Monday morning soon after undergoing a medical procedure. He did not check out and he was not supposed to leave the hospital.

Wife Mary Scott said he was diagnosed as being bipolar last year, and may not have been getting his medication during his recent hospital stay.

"He's been suffering from stomach pain for weeks and weeks on end," said Scott.

"Finally he was doubled over in pain so he went in Thursday morning."

"From that point on every single nurse and doctor we had contact with, we let them know he needed his Celexa, his bipolar medication," said Scott.

"He was also on morphine, which is a depressant. He was getting confused."

Davis was very nervous about getting an endoscopy, said his wife.

Their daughter Georgina was very upset about the disappearance, and pleaded with people to help find her father.

She called CTV montreal Tuesday night, saying the hospital had provided very little information on the circumstances involving his disappearance and subsequent return, but that he showed up at the Lakeshore General Hospital that evening.