A new medical cannabis company is opening in Pointe-Claire.

Aurora Cannabis will be the second licenced producer in Quebec – the first on the island of Montreal -- growing medical marijuana in its 40,000 square foot indoor facility.

The company’s Executive Vice President Cam Battley took media for a tour of the facility on Hymus Blvd. Friday, which will be known as ‘Aurora Vie.’

"We put in about $3 million in technology upgrades and we got it licensed in six months after our acquisition.

Purchased in April for $7 million, Health Canada gave Aurora Cannabis its cultivation licence on Oct. 30 and it will begin production within a few weeks.

It hopes to have its first yield by the spring.

The company said it can cultivate as much as 4,000 kg of cannabis per year for the Quebec market and for export.

In a statement, CEO Terry Booth said the company looks forward "to servicing both the medical market and, once legalized, the adult consumer market with locally cultivated high quality cannabis."

Though it has been received with mixed feelings in the area, the company said neighbours should not have environmental or security concerns.

Health Canada has regulations against there being any smell outside of medical cannabis production facilities and the company has installed high-quality air filtration systems at all of their sites.

Company officials say there has been no increase in crime near any of their other locations, saying they are "high-security facilities with on-site security," allowing them to contain $30 million worth of cannabis.

Among the rooms in the facility is a ‘mother room’ where plants are grown, ‘cloning rooms’ to maintain the genetic purity of the plants, and ‘flower rooms.’

"Each [flower] room has about 48 lights that are capable of growing about 800 plants. The annual output is going to be about 4,000 kilograms," said facility manager Danny Motyka.

The goal is to be consistent, and being able to produce different plants with measurable amounts of different active ingredients.

The company has an eye on supplying the government-controlled recreational market next year.

"Some of them are higher in THC, the primary psychoactive component. Some of them have virtually no THC and are high in another cannabinoid known as CBD or cannabidiol which patients use for pain relief and anti-inflammation. All of thes products are currently of use in the medical market. They will also currently be in demand in the consumer market," said Battley.

Health Canada has said that companies which currently supply medical marijuana will be the favoured suppliers for recreational cannabis.

The company hopes to expand as Canada moves to legalize marijuana as of July 1, 2018.

The company, which operates facilities in Calgary, is also currently building the world’s largest medical cannabis operation near Edmonton’s airport, an 800,000 square foot production facility.

It also plans to build a facility in Lachute.

Another company, Hydropothecary, operates a site in Gatineau, the only other company of its kind in the province.