Organizers for this year's march for International Women's Day are aiming to highlight a number of local and international issues.

"Every year, we march down the streets of Montreal and assert our power to fight for our futures and demand justice for all. We take to the streets to celebrate and stand in solidarity with the daily struggles of all women, here, on occupied Indigenous land and throughout the world," says a statement from the group's website.

This year, the organizers encouraged citizens to wear masks to show support against a proposed bylaw at city hall that would ban protesters from wearing masks.

The march

The march got underway a little later than planned due to daylight saving time.

Starting from Cabot Square on Ste-Catherine at Atwater, the organizers had a few speeches planned before starting the group on a route that would end at 2:30 p.m.

There were at least two stops planned: one at the army recruitment centre for an anti-war speech and one at the Israeli Consulate for a speech from a Palestinian woman.

Other speeches planned include a talk by a Sri Lankan woman about the Tamils' situation.

Nice weather

As of 12:15 p.m. about 250 people had gathered.

According to organizer Mubeenah Mughal, at last year's march there were between 350 and 500 attendees, and that was in the middle of a snow storm.

"This year it's so nice out, so we're expecting more people," she said "There's children here this year," where the weather at last year's march kept the kids at home.