Montreal police (SPVM) officers knocked on the door of `FunGuyz,' a magic mushroom store, on Thursday, conducting a third search since it opened less than a month ago.

SPVM Constable Julien Levesque said officers arrived at noon at the Ontario Street store near Papineau Avenue in the Ville-Marie borough.

A 24-year-old man was arrested at the scene. He was released and has an upcoming court date, the SPVM said Thursday.

As part of this third search, police seized narcotics and other materials related to the trade.

The operation also targeted a home in Place Charles-Le Moyne, in Longueuil. Narcotics were seized, but there were no arrests.

The SPVM reports that during this intervention, an officer from Longueuil fired a gun at a dog “for a safety issue.”

Montreal police did not yet have details on the circumstances surrounding this event or the animal's health.

The `FunGuyz' store sells microdosed capsules, dried mushrooms and chocolate bars, all containing psilocybin, the active ingredient in certain hallucinogenic mushrooms. However, the production, sale and possession of 'magic mushrooms' are illegal in Canada.

Just a few hours after the opening of the Montreal branch on July 11, the SPVM arrived on the scene to conduct an initial search and arrest four people.

The following week, on July 20, a second search occurred at the store, which had reopened. This time, five arrests were made, while apartments were also searched.

Despite this second visit by the police, the store started welcoming customers again.

The Montreal branch represents the first attempt by `FunGuyz' to establish itself in Quebec. It already has 11 franchises in Ontario.

-This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on August 3, 2023.