Last week was not great for the Coalition Avenir Quebec… at least if you ask their rivals in the Liberal Party.

On Tuesday, Liberal candidates held a press conference to highlight what they called a “disastrous” week on the campaign trail for the CAQ and accused their opponents of not being totally transparent about their platform.

Among the issues brought up were the resignation of candidate and CAQ president Stephane Le Bouyonnec. The Liberals took on Le Bouyonnec’s replacement Christian Dube, saying he was involved in the Port Daniel cement controversy. Dube was an executive vice-president of the Caisse de Depot when it took control of the cement plant.

The Liberals also attacked the CAQ over the removal from their website of references to fertility, oil and shale gas. Liberal Isabelle Melanson said the CAQ’s position on fertility and the province’s birthrate would bring Quebec back to the 1950s.

The press conference proved to be controversial on its own, with other parties calling it “bizarre.”

Parti Quebecois leader Jean-Francois Lisee accused Premier Philippe Couillard of sending his candidates out to do his dirty work.