A judge has refused to stop the euthanasia order against a dog that attacked four children and two adults in August 2018 in Montreal North.

The pit bull named Shotta was declared a “dangerous dog” by the Montreal North borough when two siblings were attacked separately on the same day.

The dog first grabbed a four-year-old girl’s head by its mouth. The girl suffered serious injuries and had to receive 16 stitches.

The family then locked the dog inside, but it escaped a few hours later and charged at the girl’s seven-year-old brother, who was playing outside. His arm was seriously bitten and he had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

By the time police intervened, the dog had bitten six people.

The animal’s owner, Christa Frineau, pleaded with the court for the dog to be handed over to a specialized refuge in New York, where it would be kept away from the public and never adopted to a home.

Justice Lucasz Granosik of the Superior Court refused the request in court Tuesday.

No criminal charges were laid against the children's grandmother, who was watching the dog when the attacks occurred.

- With files from La presse canadienne