MONTREAL -- The defence has rested its case in the trial of Gilbert Rozon.

The Just for Laughs founder is charged with rape, but in his testimony, heard Wednesday and Thursday in court, Rozon maintained his innocence.

Rozon didn’t deny he had sex with the woman who claims he raped her in St-Sauveur when she was a 20-year-old CEGEP student. But in court, Rozon continued to portray himself as the victim.

On Thursday, he testified the woman resisted his sexual advances, but said he woke up the next morning and she was in his bed, half-naked, and trying to have sex with him.

“It's the kind of memory that sticks with you for life. It doesn't happen 50 times. I didn't try to understand," Rozon said under cross-examination by Crown attorney Bruno Ménard, 40 years later.

“This is the truth. There is no other version,” he said. “I told the story to plenty of people.”

He also maintained the sex was consensual. 

"It was not something imposed to me. I accepted it. I was fully consenting," he said.

On Tuesday, Rozon’s accuser, who is now 60, testified the exact opposite, saying she rejected Rozon's advances, but that he forced himself on her the next morning, while she was asleep.

"I recall how constrained I felt, how much he dominated me, the power he had over my desire not to let him do it," she told the court.

Rozon called it nonsense.

"It makes no sense. Someone who rejects your sexual advances yet stays the night, it doesn't work," he claimed.

The trial has now ended.

Due to the absence of eyewitnesses, the judge will rule on who has the most credibility, and Rozon's guilt would have to be established beyond a reasonable doubt.

The prosecution and defence will return to court Nov. 6.