French programs

Many schools in the English school boards are seeking to attract students with strong French programs.

The map below shows the French-language programs for elementary schools in the Lester B. Pearson and English Montreal School Boards.

Most schools offer a bilingual or immersion program. Click on the legend in the top-left corner to get a better look at the programs.

School board elections

For the first time in seven years, Quebecers will have a chance to vote in school board elections. There will be fewer seats for commissions and school board chairs will also be elected by the public. These elections will impact what kind of programming goes into local schools.

Elections are on Nov. 2.

If you're planning to vote in the school board elections in November, make sure you're on the correct voting list.

Many people who want to vote for English school board commissioners in their community are registered on the French school board voting list by default -- even if they went to English schools themselves, or their children formerly attended English schools. You have until Oct. 14 to ensure you are registered on the correct list.

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