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Hot Girl Social Club a place where Montreal women can network


It can be difficult to make new friends as an adult, and that was part of the inspiration behind "Hot Girl Social Club," a new networking group for women in Montreal.

"The environment that we have is so positive and uplifting, and everybody's here with the open heart to meet people," said club founder Valerie Choucroun.

Choucroun created the group a year ago when she was looking for a way to meet other like-minded women. She put a call out on social media to see if other women wanted to join her on her weekly walks around the city.

Her video went viral.

"I really thought we would get a few girls to walk our first walk," she said.

"We were like 75 girls, and then from there I had a demand for like 400 girls per walk. I had to limit it to 100 because I was like, 'This could be like a parade in the city. I might need a permit for that.'"

The walks have evolved into other social events, all with the same goal: to connect and empower other women.

"The fact that the women trust me and, are supporting the idea and really see the vision for the future for us, is I think what keeps me going," said Choucroun. It's honestly an opportunity that I feel we have to make a difference in society. Breaking down those barriers, but more than that is really just giving women a space to come, to connect, to just create meaningful relationships."

Their most recent event was a lavish high tea where attendees reflected on how important this community is, especially in a world where women are often pinned against one another.

"Having this type of atmosphere, having this group of girls coming in together and just supporting and pushing each other, it's really amazing," said member Fanta Diack.

Echoing the same message, Daisy Anzeldo, who has been a member since its inception, said: "They have such a warm, welcoming environment, which is kind of what you're looking for. It's a nice way to get to know the city, to know the people."

While the club continues to grow in popularity and is all about inclusion, Valerie said, for now, it's just for women.

 "We've been asked many, many times to let the boys in and I'm not opposed to the idea here and there, but I think the idea of having a women's community is really where there was demand," she said. "I know that my community appreciates the fact that they feel in a safe space with women." Top Stories

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