Less than 24 hours before it's set to open there are questions about the new highway 30 extension.

The new section of highway 30 includes two bridges, but a report suggests there are drainage problems with the brand-new structures.

Photos in the Journal de Montreal show thick icicles hanging from water drainage pipes on the bridges.

That brought up concern that ice will freeze, thaw, and prematurely damage the structures.

A spokesman for NA30, the consortium responsible for building and maintaining the newest part of the ring road around Monttreal, said there is nothing to worry about.

"There is no problem at all. The draining system has been designed since day one, it's just that we are finalizing the work," said Denis Leonard.

"It is planned to be done like that. No water will affect the structure."

The Consortium said the drain pipes will be installed as soon as they arrive, but that the bridges are roadworthy even without them.

The Highway 30 extension, which has been worked on piecemeal for the past five decades, will be open for business Saturday.

Truck drivers who use the newest section, connecting to Highway 20 in Vaudreuil-Dorion, will have to pay a toll of $1/axle.

An official ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for Monday.