A Harvard professor is claiming he was disinvited from speaking at Concordia University because he is white and holds conservative opinions.

Harvey Mansfield wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this week saying Concordia's Liberal Arts College had rescinded an offer for him to address students. He says he was to give a commencement speech about the study of great books.

Mansfield, a professor of government at Harvard, says he was notified about the decision in a letter from college principal Mark Russell. A college representative was not immediately available for comment.

Mansfield says Russell's letter did not specify why the university had changed its mind about his visit.

He writes that he learned from someone other than the principal that 12 alumni had demanded the college cancel his speaking engagement. Mansfield says the alumni were allegedly upset about his views on gender and culture.

Mansfield's says he was rejected from speaking because he is a white male conservative professor. The Canadian Press was unable to immediately reach Mansfield for comment.