Hundreds of mourners lined the streets of a Laurentian town on Saturday to pay their final respects for a Canadian soldier.

Funeral services were held in Brownsburg-Chatham for 20 year old Private Alexandre Peloquin.

He was killed on June 8 when he stepped on an explosive device.

The 119th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan, Peloquin was part of a team working to disarm and dismantle improvised explosives scattered on roadways in the Panjwai district.

As Peloquin's flag-covered coffin entered Saint-Louis-de-France church, the community stood a silent vigil.

Childhood friends of Peloquin's father were among those who came out to support the Peloquin family at this most difficult time.

"Three or four days ago I met [Alexandre's father Jacques] on the street," said Daniel Lupin.

"There was just too many people. He just lives about five minutes from here. We didn't bother him and all that, I just happened to see him on the street."

"It's a show of respect too," said Michael Larocque, "towards the army and what our soldiers do for us anyway. That's why I'm here anyway, to show my respect. I appreciate it."

During the ceremony, many of Peloquin's friends and relatives wore t-shirts with the superman logo.

He was a life-long fan of comics and superheroes, but in the end proved to be just as vulnerable as any man.

Members of the honour guard bowed their heads as the coffin bearing Peloquin's remains was taken from the church.

They then gave a final salute to their fallen comrade.

These veterans did not know Peloquin or his family, but they've made it their mission to attend as many military funerals as they can.

"He's one of us, he died for us and we respect that and we want to get everybody involved to show them they don't do that for nothing," said Gaetan Couture.

The army chaplain who presided over the funeral met Peloquin last year after he completed basic training. He says he was a natural leader.

"I think he was kind of - not an idol but someone who set the standard for his friends," said Captain Claude Pigeon.