Quebec is changing the way it protects children against Human Papillomavirus.

Instead of getting two doses of the “Gardasil” vaccine, almost 64,000 grade four students will receive one Gardasil shot, and one of another vaccine.

Both vaccines cover the HPV types that are responsible for about 70 per cent of cancer cases.

But some doctors are calling it a cost-cutting method that leaves young people at risk – they’re worried that the second shot doesn’t cover enough strains of the virus.

“I read there’s a saving of three million, and there’s a gamble of much more than that we’re doing at this moment,” explained Mark Steben from the National Public Health Institute of Quebec.

“In 10 years, most countries will be celebrating the quasi-eradication of cervical cancer – we may wake up in Quebec and say ‘we did wrong,’” he added.

The Quebec Immunization committee says it’s satisfied with the results of the mixed dose.

The new vaccine scheduled is being rolled out in schools as early as next month.