The Montreal mayoral race is in full swing, and to help you make an informed decision on election day, CTV is inviting mayoral candidates Richard Bergeron, Denis Coderre and Marcel Côté to participate in the first English-language debate of the campaign, Sunday Oct. 6th at 6 p.m. CTV Montreal.

DEBATE 2013, will be moderated by chief anchor Mutsumi Takahashi, and we want to give Montrealers a chance to ask some of the questions.

Here are the topics where we are soliciting your questions:

  • Ethics (Leadership, Ethics, Corruption)
  • Quality of Life (Taxes, Infrastructure, Exodus to the suburbs)
  • Anglophones (Municipal issues of particular interest to the English-speaking community)
  • Vision (Vision for the future of Montreal)

If you are a resident of Montreal and want to propose a concise question you’d like to ask the candidates, click here to send it to us.

If your question is chosen, you’ll be invited to record it in front of a camera in the days leading up to the debate.