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Cyclist issued fine for striking four-year-old girl crossing the street


A cyclist turned herself in and received a fine after striking a four-year-old girl who was crossing the street to catch a school bus.

Police opened an investigation after the collision.

Montreal police (SPVM) spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant said on Saturday that a 31-year-old woman presented herself to a police station in the Plateau on Friday afternoon and met with accident squad investigators.

"Following the meeting, she was given a ticket of $131," said Brabant. "Just like a vehicle, a cyclist has to stop when there's a school bus that deploys its lights and stop signs."

The Quebec Highway Safety Code (HSC) includes many road rules for cyclists, including what to do around school buses.

"Cyclists must stop at least five metres from a school bus when its red lights are flashing," the code says.

Video of the collision circulated on social media, with the girl's father and friends calling for cyclists to respect the rules of the road and slow down in densely populated residential areas.

The young girl was struck on Jeanne-Mance Street on Thursday in the middle of a bike path.

Her father said she was shaken but uninjured. Top Stories

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