Some cyclists are calling on the city to build bike paths on both sides of Sherbrooke St., saying they don’t feel safe cycling on the street as it is.

“I feel aggressed by drivers I'd say one out of two times. I ride along Sherbrooke St. and I'm on Sherbrooke St. almost every day,” said Dan Lambert of the Montreal Bike coalition.

Lambert said he’s hoping the city will listen to him and other cycling advocates who've come together to demand bike paths on Sherbrooke in both directions – that's 18 kilometres from Montreal West to Highway 25.

“If you don't provide safe access, people simply won't ride,” he said.

Lambert admits in some areas drivers would lose lane space and parking.

Ben Valkenburg is all for the plan, too. He started a petition to have a protected path on Sherbrooke St. East. The school board commissioner said two of his colleagues were killed in recent years in bike accidents.

“The deaths are horrible, but there are also a lot of cyclists who get hurt who take leave from work,” he said.

The City of Montreal said it wouldn’t comment – except to say that when it comes to cyclists, they’re willing to listen.