MONTREAL -- Quebec reported on Sunday that 23 more people have died due to COVID-19, and hospitalizations due to the disease increased by 140.

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, 11,940 people in Quebec have died due to the novel coronavirus, the ministry of health says.


The ministry also said that 361 more patients checked into hospitals in the province and 221 were discharged. The total number of hospitalizations is now 2,436, with 257 of those people in intensive care wards, a net increase of 12 in 24 hours.

Of the new patients, 223 were double-vaccinated more than a week prior to checking in, 128 were unvaccinated or received one dose less than two weeks prior, and 10 received one dose more than two weeks prior. 

Of the 29 new ICU patients who were either transferred or admitted to the unit, 15 were double-vaccinated, 12 unvaccinated, and two received one dose more than two weeks prior.

The ministry says 6,498,558 Quebecers are double-vaccinated, 1,496,241 are unvaccinated and 553,019 people have received one dose more than two weeks ago.

Based on the above numbers, the province says those who are unvaccinated are 7.4 times more likely to require hospitalization than those who are double-vaccinated.


The province also recorded 11,007 new infections and 1,190 active COVID-19 outbreaks, 40 more outbreaks than on Saturday.

Of the new infections, 8,469 were double-vaccinated, 2,100 were unvaccinated and 438 received one dose more than two weeks prior to their test. 

The new cases came from 51,374 samples that were analyzed making the positivity rate 19.7 per cent.

Since the pandemic began, Quebec has reported 739,293 novel coronavirus infections.

Public health officials note the actual number of new infections is probably much higher as they have asked people with mild symptoms to stay home and isolate to allow those in specific domains to access PCR testing.