The provincial election campaign will offiically begin on Thursday August 23rd, Premier Philippe Couillard announced Saturday.

The campaign will last a total of 39 days, with Quebecers casting their votes on October 1. The announcement confirms rumours that Couillard would lengthen the campaign from the usual 33 days, with analysts saying such a decision would be made in the hopes that the Coalition Avenir Quebec, which has led the Liberals in most polls, would make costly gaffs.

CAQ leader Francois Legault said in a tweet he would welcome an early start to the campaign as a chance to show Quebecers why they should "turn the page on 15 years of Liberal government."


The announcement was made at the end of the Young Liberals' convention, held Saturday in Montreal. During his address, Couillard spoke with confidence about the odds of a Liberal win.

"I am announcing that on Oct. 1, 51 days from now, Quebecers will elect again a new Liberal majority government," he said to loud cheers from the crowd. 


Couillard's opponents and allies were quick to react. Health Minister Gaetan Barrette expressed his excitement via emoji.

"It is with the #PLQ that Quebec will continue to progress for the province's benefit and those who follow," he tweeted.

Parti Quebecois leader Jean-Francois Lisee, whose party has trailed badly behind the Coalition Avenir Quebec and Liberals in polls, also said he's ready to hit the campaign trail.

"The @partiquebecois is ready to propose a government close to the needs of the people and that will refute the permanent austerity that the CAQ and PLQ are proposing," he said.