A group of doctors is warning that climate change presents the biggest threat to the health of Quebecers.

The doctors referred to the effects of global warming as a “Code Blue,” which is the term used when a patient goes into cardiac arrest, explained Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment spokesperson Claudel Petrin-Desrosiers.

At a press conference on Tuesday morning in Montreal the group, which represents numerous health professional organizations, called on citizens to mobilize against climate change.

They said the link between climate change and health is clear as the population will have to deal with more frequent heat waves, insects spreading illnesses like Lyme Disease and an increase in rates of asthma and other cardiorespiratory issues.

They said Quebecers must put pressure on elected officials to demand swift changes, such as reducing dependency on fossil fuels, shifting to public transit and active transportation and accelerating the greening of cities.

They argued that such actions will reduce visits to hospital emergency departments, hospitalizations and chronic diseases.