MONTREAL -- A Celine Dion fan who says she was body shamed at a concert Friday night is getting a lot of attention online.

In a Facebook post, Charlotte Belanger recounts an upsetting experience at the Bell Centre in Montreal while attending a concert  that's part of the diva's 'Courage' tour. The post has been shared some 54,000 times since Friday.

Belanger says that as soon as she reached her seat, the woman next to her sent out a series of rude texts to various friends saying she was "corpulent," that she was "hoping the two women next to (her) would not dance, because it was going to crush (her)."

Belanger says she saw and read the texts for two reasons: because the woman put the phone screen right in her field of vision, but also because it bothered her that she was texting constantly during the show.

Belanger, who went to the show with her mother, says she couldn't sit silently while reading the insulting words.

"For the first two messages, I acted as if I had read nothing. But by the third, I could not," said Belanger, adding that she couldn't hold back when "you put your malice in my face."

Belanger says she told the woman what she was writing was "really mean."

"You stammered, you said that it was a joke, and you were offended that I read over your shoulder," the Facebook post reads.

"I hope you don't have a daughter or granddaughter. I hope in fact that there is no one in your life to whom you can pass on your meanness and your enormous lack of civility."

Belanger adds that, a few years ago, she was less comfortable in her skin and would probably have cried over the incident.

"I kept my head up. I did not go home crying all the tears in my body," she said.

Instead, Belanger says she had a "wonderful time" with her mother, and that her neighbour "stayed in (her) little seat, without moving too much."

"I guess that will be it, my revenge," she said, adding that "Celine sang it so well: 'S'il suffisait d'aimer '(If Only Love Could Be Enough)."

Belanger asked people on Facebook to share the post, adding that she hopes it reaches her fellow concertgoer.

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