CAQ leader Francois Legault unveiled a new party policy Monday suggesting that new immigrants be forced to learn French and understand Quebec values in order to remain in Quebec.

He proposed that a transitional accompanying certificate be issued as a form of three-year probation for new arrivals.

Legault said that he is in favour of fast-tracking immigrants when their needs match the needs of Quebec’s labour market.

But in exchange for the swift processing, immigrants would have to prove that they had made efforts to integrate.

At a press conference in Quebec City Monday Legault said that his party would spend $80 million to make the change if they were to gain power.

The Quebec Solidaire party slammed the policy in a press release Monday, saying that the CAQ was placing the entire burden on the shoulders of immigrants.

"The CAQ proposes to grant disproportionate power to a committee of experts to judge integration efforts. If a mother decides to stay at home with her kids would she be automatically be deported? On what criteria would these immigrants be judged?" asked QS president Andrés Fontecilla.



-With a file from The Canadian Press