The campaign is over and now all that’s left to do is wait.

Both Denis Coderre and Valerie Plante cast their votes on Sunday morning and spoke sunnily of a hard-fought campaign.

Coderre cast his vote in a polling station located in a Montreal North school, shaking hands with voters and well-wishers.

“The campaign is about the rebirth of Montreal. We’ve been working for the last four years, doing a tremendous job, people are excited,” he said. “The message we’re sending is we need four more years.”

Plante also spent time greeting supporters and those just waiting in line to cast their ballot as she voted in Rosemont.

She said she was proud of a campaign that started with a bold motto in her bid to become the first female mayor of Montreal.

“Strong points, there’s two. The first one was ‘Right man for the job,’ fantastic way to start a campaign so people get to know me better. The second strong point was the Pink Line, so people are able to see where we’re going for the future.”

Coderre once again touted his lengthy political experience as one of his greatest assets when discussing whether he had any election day nerves.

“It’s my eleventh campaign, it’s always thrilling,” he said. “It’ll be a great day for me because I’m going to spend it with my wife.”

Plante said she was extremely satisfied to end a campaign which she said hadn’t had any major weak points and was eager to know how it would all turn out.

“I’m excited about tonight. I’m very, very satisfied by the campaign we put together,” she said. “We wanted to make sure it was ideas put forward and wanted to share a strong vision for the future of Montreal.”

“I’m ready for tonight and as for tomorrow, my hope is to be the first female mayor of Montreal,” she added.

Coderre declined to say whether he was surprised at how close the campaign has been. He entered the race as a clear favourite over the lesser known Plante, but recent polls have shown the two in a dead heat.

“The real survey is today,” he said. “Ask me the question afterwards.”