Police have confirmed that a baggie of amphetamines was found outside an elementary school on the South Shore.

The baggie containing the drugs was found late Monday at Saint Willibrord School and given to police.

“It made me sick to my stomach to think that if I didn’t walk through there that day a child could have found it,” said Barbara Jarvis, who found the baggie in a grassy area right next to the school on its property.

Chateauguay police confirmed on Thursday that it is indeed amphetamines.

Jarvis notified police but never informed anyone at the school. Officials with the board only learned of the discovery late on Tuesday.

Jarvis, whose grandchildren attend the school, did post of the finding on Facebook.

The school sent a note home to parents on Wednesday, asking them to tell children to always report anything suspicious to adults.

Police are calling it an isolated incident and say officers have a strong presence in the area, especially this time of year.

“Every day in the morning and at the end of the school, we are at the school area. All our police officers need to be around for the beginning of the school year,” said Nathalie Langevin of the Chateauguay police.

Jarvis said, however, it's likely happened before, since she sees the bags on a daily basis.

“You do see these bags all the time all over the place,” she said. “They say it's an isolated incident, only because it’s been reported now. Many have been found and no one’s reported it.”