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Eclipse etiquette: How to not be a jerk during the solar eclipse


The big day is here and those in the path are ready to sit back and watch nature's wonder as the total solar eclipse passes through parts of North America, including in Montreal and southern Quebec.

Whether you've been excited about this for months or you're deciding last-minute to check it out, it's important to remember everyone's experience with the solar eclipse is different, and for some, it can be deeply personal. Let's not ruin the experience for anyone else, shall we?

Space educator Trevor Kjorlien, the founder of Plateau Astro, has created an eclipse etiquette guide: How not to be a solar eclipse jerk on Monday.

Here are his top tips. Happy viewing!

(image Plateau Astro / Trevor Kjorlien)Stay put. Don't wander around at the last moment before totality for a better view. You might mess up someone's planned photo or trip over their tripod.

(image Plateau Astro / Trevor Kjorlien)Don't play music. Enjoy the sounds of how nature changes during the eclipse. Totality can be deeply personal, so don't impose your personal taste on someone else. (Also, videos posted to social media with music playing could be taken down for copyright infringement)

(image Plateau Astro / Trevor Kjorlien)Turn off your flash. It can ruin the moment of totality and screw up someone's photo.

(image Plateau Astro / Trevor Kjorlien)No fireworks please.

(image Plateau Astro / Trevor Kjorlien)Let people focus. Some people will be focused on their telescope or camera, and you don't want to intrude.

(image Plateau Astro / Trevor Kjorlien)Be kind and enjoy yourself! It's a unique, unifying moment. Feel free to express yourself and celebrate, but be mindful of your personal space. Top Stories

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