Montreal police arrested a woman aboard a plane at Trudeau airport Thursday morning, saying she uttered the word 'bomb' to airline attendants.

The incident began around 5:30 a.m. on Air Canada Jazz flight 7783 from Montreal to Toronto.

An airline spokesman said the woman was acting 'inappropriately' and getting into arguments with flight attendants.

The pilot decided to return to the gate, and contacted police to let them know of the situation onboard.

While the plane was taxiing back to the gate the woman continued to argue with staff on the plane, and according to police at one point the word 'bomb' was used in the conversation.

When officers arrived they boarded the plane, arrested the woman and hauled her off the plane. She may face charges.

The plane returned to the terminal and the woman's baggage was removed.

About 75 passengers were aboard, and the airline said it was assigning them to other flights as quickly as possible.