Thousands of science fiction fans from around the world are in Montreal for the 67th annual World Science Fiction Convention.

Over the next five days, the ultimate fans are at the Palais des Congres doing things that are slightly incomprehensible to mere mundanes, like getting their picture taken with plush brain-sucking monsters sitting on their heads.

This event is their Super Bowl. And an opportunity to look to the stars. Or for Christopher Carson, other heavenly bodies.

"The reason I am here is to promote what I call the lunar project which is an attempt to harness the power of collaborative social mechanisms to put a colony on the moon within the coming few years," said Carson.

Most of the fans are here to have fun in discussion groups, workshops, listening to authors talk shop, or shopping for unusual and rare gifts.

There will also be plenty of filking, aka fan folk songs, and plenty of mascots, from Snoopy in a spacesuit, to fuzzy versions of the elder god Cthulhu, who is destined to destroy the world after he drives everyone insane. (Read an H.P. Lovecraft novel to understand, but don't complain to us if you lose your mind.)

The convention wraps up Monday.