A homeless shelter is now offering improved medical services for its clients.

Accueil Bonneau has found the funding for a walk-in clinic that will have a nurse on staff three days a week, and will have regular service from a chiropractor, massage therapist, and a podiatrist.

The shelter teamed up with the Montreal regional health department (CIUSSS), the University of Quebec in Trois Rivieres, and the Quebec Chiropractor's Association (ACQ) to put the facilities for the new clinic under one roof.

Accueil Bonneau has offered medical services before, but it has always had to direct people to several different locations.

Stephanie Dupré said some of the services people need are fairly basic.

"Some times they just need a dressing, counselling, STD screening test, or sometimes it's a little bit more with the social worker, we need to assess them for money, we need to refer them to a doctor," said Dupré.

This is the first time chiropractors will be helping people at Accueil Bonneau. Dr. Richard Giguere, president of the ACQ, said doctors will be volunteering their time once a month.

"Just the benefit of being touched, being listened [to], somebody taking care of you, that's part of the process of getting off of the street," he said.