A Conservative Party candidate representing Pierrefonds-Dollard has had several of her posters defaced with swastikas.

Mariam Ishak says no candidate from any party should be a target of hate messages of any kind.

"It hurts. It hurts because I expected any other stuff any other graffiti, but this is disturbing. This is disturbing, especially that it was not one. Every day I have a sign that's coloured like that. It's disturbing," she said.

Ishak said she moved to Canada 21 years ago and has lived in the West Island ever since. She's never experienced this kind of reaction in the decades she's lived in the community.

"I'm not saying it's a hate crime, but clearly it's a hate message. We can't tolerate that… I can't imagine that the West Island where I live has this kind of hate messages," Ishak added. "It should not exist in any community, any place in Canada. Not for my party or any party, any candidate that lives here in Canada."