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31,000 cards: Montreal woman passing along father's extensive collection of Expos baseball cards


A Montreal woman is passing along her father's extensive collection of over 31,000 Expos baseball cards.

April Whitzman's father, Steve Whitzman, collected the cards from 1969 to 2016. A huge Expos fan, he's got every player covered.

"I know they say there's no crying in baseball, but I think that was one of the few times I saw my Dad cry, during that last game. The Expos were very much everything to him," April told CTV News.

April Whitzman is passing along her father's extensive collection of Montreal Expos baseball cards. (CTV News/Christine Long)

Today, Steve is in ill health and lives in a nursing home.

"My Dad now has Alzheimers, so I decided to take the collection and, one-by-one, record every card that you see here."

After carefully cataloguing each card, April says it's time to send the collection off to a new, loving home.

"I've a good idea of what each card is worth, but I do believe as a collection, it's worth more to the right person, whether that's from Dad's love that he put into it," she added.

Steve Whitman amassed a huge collection of Montreal Expos baseball cards between 1969 and 2016. (Courtesy photo)

Perry Giannis is the founder of Expos Fest, an annual event for fans of the franchise, which relocated to Washington in 2004.

He's also a big-time collector of Expos memorabilia.

"It's a great story about her Dad and his passion for the Montreal Expos, and as a collector I completely get it. I collect everything else, besides cards: jerseys, helmets, bats, whatever else there is out there," Giannis said. "Everything must go at a certain time, it's gonna be the same thing with me one day."

April hasn't had all the cards appraised yet, but has a buyer on deck.

The Whitzmans are hoping the pay-off pitch is down the middle and the collection will go to a loving family -- just like the one that gathered it. Top Stories

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