Firefighters found two bodies Monday morning inside a burning van that was parked on Champagneur Ave. near D'Anvers Ave. in Park Extension.

The emergency crews rushed to the scene at 9:05 a.m to put out the flames, and when the fire was extinguished they found two bodies inside the Dodge Van.

They promptly notified police who have started their investigation.

So far police have set up a perimeter around the area to search for clues. At this point they cannot say if the people were killed before the van was set on fire.

"The investigation was transferred to the major crimes unit of the Montreal police even if we're not able to confirm if it's a murder or not, or we don't know what happened in the vehicle before the fire," said Constable Daniel Lacoursiere.

One witness to the fire refused to talk to reporters.

Police did ask for an interpreter to come to the scene, although it is not known if it was because they had a specific witness to talk to, or because they wanted assistance while canvassing the very multicultural neighbourhood.