Montrealers are staying bundled up as the deep freeze continues across the province.

On Thursday night, the temperature dropped to -19 C, with winds making it feel much as 10 degrees colder.

According to CTV Montreal weather specialist Lori Graham, Friday night will not be much different, with the temperature expected to dip to -18 C.

"Daytime highs over the last three days have been about 10 degrees below normal," Graham said.

Environment Canada predicts Quebec will be dealing with bitterly cold temperatures until at least Monday.

Spencer Doyle, who sells Christmas trees, says the job is difficult when the temperatures dip so drastically.

"Sometimes I move trees around for fun, just to keep warm," Doyle said.

"I'm wearing two pairs on long johns, two pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves," he added.

CTV Montreal reporter Catherine Sherriffs spoke to a man from the Virgin Islands, who's visiting Montreal and says the weather has been a shock to his system.

"It's bloody cold. I just had to buy this hat because I figured frostbite would be setting in at anytime," he said.

But for caleche driver Michel Prince, the weather is not an issue.

"At one point, your body gets used to the cold temperature if you go out every's not that cold," he said.