A Montreal woman said she was shocked to discover a stun gun in her Amazon package – when she’d ordered a cat dish.

Jacynthe Cardin went to the police in Ville-Emard Wednesday night to hand over the stun gun and pepper spray she received, because they are both prohibited items in Canada.

Cardin said the package was left on her doorstep Monday and when she opened it, she was surprised by the contents.

“I just took another look at the box to be sure it’s my package, but it’s my name on it and my address,” she said. “I was so surprised and when my husband came back from work I showed it… We don’t have kids – so if I had one and he found the package, he would have taken it and tried it.”

Amazon said in a statement: “This was an unfortunate incident and we are taking this matter very seriously to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We will continue to work directly with the customer to resolve this incident.”

Amazon told Cardin that though she ordered the item on Amazon.ca, the error happened in the U.S., where a warehouse employee made a bar code error and placed the wrong label on the box.

The company is now trying to track the mislabeled packages to correct the problem.

Police said they could destroy the items or she could return them to Amazon for a refund. Amazon, though, suggested she should indeed turn the item over to police.

They also said the dish for her cat, George Michael, is on its way.